I have always been a creative person,and began my career in fashion working as stylist. I have always had a love for the elegance and edge of the 1950s and coupled with my desire to practice photography I realized that there was a gap in the market. There are many photographic studios offering makeover packages and various photoshoot options. However Rockabilly was not just a look or a passing fashion, for me it was a way of life. I realized from working in from of the camera in fashion, the confidence and empowerment that can come from seeing yourself as you'd need imagined. So, being behind the camera, I could use my skills to hopefully help other women see themselves as a pinup princess for the day,and have the memory to take home with them in the form of a beautiful photograph. And so, Verve Rockabilly Studio began. As the studio name got out there, I was lucky enough to work with a variety of clients, from ladies with their daughters wanting to spend quality time having fun, to professional models and burlesque performers enhancing their portfolios. Having a vintage makeover is almost like becoming a character. I have seen shy clients walk away with the biggest smiles, as they really embrace the opportunity to enjoy a day of pampering and discovering the elegance of retro styling. Over the years I have complied a vintage wardrobe of accessories, retro clothing pieces and props to really get the most of each individual shoot. As well as working with some fantastic makeup artists. I reflect the era in my own style, as it is such a passion of mine. As my business grew, I recently relocated and have given the company a little makeover of its own. Now known as V's Anchor Studio, I am based in South East London, Hither Green.

I have been going from strength to strength and have been even featured in Vintage Life magazine after becoming their in house photographer, Slovakian OK magazine etc. and have worked with celebrity clients such as burlesque queen Immodesty Blaze, Kimberley Wyatt from The Pussy Cat Dolls, TV chef Tonia Buxton, Jasz Vegas, Chelsea player Ramires, Miss Czech Republic Aneta Vignerova etc.



5 Ingress Park Avenue 

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